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Vivero Anones' website! 

02/07/15  W e l c o m e   t o   V i v e r o  A n o n e s.    T r o p i c a l   f r u i t   t r e e s.     H e l i c o n i a s.     O r n a m e n t a l   g i n g e r s.      P a l m s.      O r c h i d s.      S e e d s.

Welcome to Vivero Anones' website!

(Para información en español, por favor vea nuestra página: "En Español").

We're a tropical fruit and flower farm: here we grow many different species of tropical fruit, nut and flowering trees,  heliconias, musas, palms, and ornamental gingers. Many other species added to our established collection were planted with the sole purpose of attracting wildlife, mostly birds and butterflies.

We're organic farmers, and our philosophy is based in LOVE and RESPECT towards all living creatures.

We carry a good selection of tropical fruit trees for the local market - you may check the list of available fruit and nut trees in our Tropical Fruits page. Photos of some of these fruits are in our Photo Gallery of Fruits. We're very sorry, but we don't ship live plants or trees; we only ship SEEDS. For the complete list of currently available seeds, please check our 'Seeds' page.

At our Heliconia page you'll find the list of available heliconias, ornamental gingers, and other members of the Zingiberales; these are available in pots or as bare root rhizomes. Photos of some of these beautiful tropical flowers can also be seen at our Photo Gallery of Heliconias and Gingers. Seeds of many of these plants are offered every month at our Seeds page. We're proud to be considered one of the best sources of fresh heliconia seeds in the world! 

We've provided a simple list of plants that attract butterflies in a tropical garden. It's divided into species that provide nectar for adult butterflies, and those used as larval or caterpillar food. Most can be easily found in local nurseries, but we sometimes offer seeds of some of them at our Seeds or Butterflies page.

Visits to Vivero Anones are by appointment only. Please email or call us first to make arrangements. Our email address and phone number are listed at the end of the page.

We sincerely hope that after knowing about our work, you'll be inspired enough to plant some trees!

We're now on FACEBOOK! You may search our new page "Vivero Anones" on FB; there we've been posting new photos, and information on tropical fruits, heliconias, ornamental gingers, and plants for butterfly gardens. Find us and "like" us! Thanks!

Acknowledgements:  I'd like to express my deepest gratitude and sincere appreciation to some friends, guys and gals, who have helped - one way or another - in the development and progress of this project we came to call VIVERO ANONES. Many are still here with us, some are now gone, but all of them have a very special place in our hearts. They are: Marcial Rico Ballester, Felipe Osborne Shea, Bryan Brunner, Paco Vázquez, don Pedro Torres, Jim West, Bonnie Kline, German Charrón, Bob & Martha Lankford, Paul Yoshioka, Papo Vives, Edgardo Varela, Carla Black, José Hiram Flores, Mike Dahme, and Zulma García. Very special thanks go to: Carlos Ballester Rico, Aida Medina, Maria Luisa Alers, Carlos González Alers, Kenton Jenkins, and my beloved Juan Víctor, Gabriel and Johanna, for their love, patience and understanding. 

Best of growing,

Sherry B.   


BEAUTIFUL LAND FOR SALE in San Sebastián (western Puerto Rico), next to famous "Salto de Collazo" waterfall! - updated February 2015

Twelve (12) ROADFRONT WOODED ACRES in San Sebastian, PUERTO RICO!  

Famous "Salto de Collazo" in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico.

This property, which has been in our family for decades, has 3 old structures that need complete restoration. It's sold for land value only. Situated close to famous landmark waterfall "Salto de Collazo" (see photo above), a tourist destination in San Sebastián, it's perfect for a hotel or inn, campground, campsite, retreat facility, park or botanical garden. It has ample road front to Carretera 111 (the main route between San Sebastian and Lares on the way to San Juan), and lots of parking area. All utilities are available on site. Lots of native plant species abound, among them tropical fruit trees, flowering trees, and palms. Different birds species abound in this forest, making it a perfect spot for birdwatching. A main dirt road crosses the property, and many of its trails are suitable for horse riding and hiking. There are no neighbors on 3 sides! San Sebastian is located North of Las Marías, and it's just a 40 minute drive from the famous surfing beaches in Rincón and from Punta Borinquen Airport in Aguadilla. Jet Blue and Spirit Airlines have daily flights from this Airport to Ft Lauderdale, Orlando, and other cities in mainland USA. Please call or email us for details; our information is at the bottom of this page. Asking price is $180,000, but we'll certainly listen to a good offer from a serious buyer. No agents, please.

Please note: The above mentioned 12-acre farm is located in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico, half an hour away by car from our farm in Las Marías. It has no relation to the business Vivero Anones Inc., which is not for sale.  

LAS MARIAS is a small, mostly rural town on the western side of Puerto Rico, part of the coffee-producing mountain region. It's just half an hour away by car from some of the most beautiful beaches and hotels of the west. People are kind and friendly, and because population is not too big, this town is still a quiet place to live. It often rains here, so there's always lush vegetation wherever you go.  A few annual festivals are part of the local tradition, the most important of them being the "Festival de la China Dulce" that usually takes place during the month of March. There's typical "jíbaro" music, food and lots of local crafts. The water of Las Marías is considered one of the purest in Puerto Rico!

Vivero Anones Inc., PO Box 22, Las Marías, PR USA 00670
Phone: (787) 827-3121
Email: sherryballester@yahoo.com