Musella lasiocarpa

Available Heliconias, Gingers, Musas and other related plants in the order Zingiberales (Rhizomes & Potted Plants) July 2016

Helic. 'Bleeding Heart' (Vivero Anones Hybrid)


Helic. caribaea 'Bonnie Kline' (Vivero Anones cultivar)


Helic. orthotricha 'Yellow Base'


Heliconia wagneriana


Heliconia stricta 'Iris'


Helic. champneiana 'Maya Sunrise' (Vivero Anones cultivar)


Helic. chartacea 'Sexy Pink' III (Vivero Anones cultivar)


Heliconia excelsa


Helic. regalis 'Barnum & Bailey'


Helic. pogonantha var pogonantha


Helic. vellerigera 'She Kong'


Helic. xanthovillosa 'Shogun'


Alpinia 'Rosy Dawn'


Alpinia 'Anne Hironaka'


Curcuma elata


Zingiber spectabile 'Golden Pagoda'

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We grow a variety of Heliconias, ornamental Gingers, and other plants in the order Zingiberales. Most are offered as bare root divisions (rhizomes) - which you're welcome to come and dig yourself - and a few are readily available in pots. We have several other species not on the list, and they'll eventually be available when clumps grow larger, and have flowered

We usually don't ship rhizomes, but shipping of small amounts of rhizomes could be arranged: just email us. We mostly ship seeds. Please check our "Seeds" page for the complete list of currently available heliconia, ginger, and tropical fruit seeds. The list is often edited; if you have any questions, please call or email us. For tips on growing these plants from seed, please check our article "Growing Heliconias from Seed" or just click here. This article we originally published in the Bulletin of the Heliconia Society of Puerto Rico.

You may dig your own rhizomes at Vivero Anones! Select the best rhizomes from the clumps, and get a discount on your total price! Just call us to make arrangements. On the day and time we schedule, you may bring your own tools and bags, old jeans and boots, and you're off to a good start! Rhizome digging is not an easy task for some, so we'll always be happy to help.

For payment, we accept cash, personal checks, Money Orders, and payments through Western Union and PayPal. Please email us if you need further information.

Check our Photo Galleries of flowers! Enjoy beautiful photos of these tropical flowers checking these links: Heliconias and Gingers. For other beautiful heliconia photos, please check the website of the Heliconia Society of Puerto Rico,

EN ESPAÑOL: Ofrecemos una gran variedad de heliconias y jengibres ornamentales a los precios que se indican en la tabla que sigue. Iremos añadiendo más especies a la lista, según otras plantas que hemos sembrado vayan floreciendo y sean identificadas correctamente. Le damos la opción de prepararle su orden de rizomas, o permitirle que usted mismo venga y los saque. Esto conlleva mas trabajo para usted, pero una reducción del precio total de su orden. Nos llama o envía un correo, y nos ponemos de acuerdo para su visita. No enviamos rizomas por correo, pero podemos hacer arreglos si se trata de cantidades pequeñas de estos. Las semillas disponible aparecen en la última columna de la tabla que sigue, y también en nuestra página de semillas ("Seeds"). Puede ver fotos de muchas de estas flores en nuestra galería de fotos de flores ("Heliconia Photos"). Para información adicional, puede  enviarnos un correo electrónico, o llamar a nuestro número telefónico en horas de la tarde. Ahora tambien puede encontrarnos en Facebook! Muchas gracias por su patrocinio.

Heliconia, Ginger & Ornamental Musa Price List: 

July 2016

ERECT Heliconias:

Rhizome Price

1 galon pot:


H. angusta 'Red Christmas' or 'Holiday 9.    
H. aurea 9.    
H. bihai 'Cinnamon Orange'  8.  
H. bihai Lite Cinnamon Orange 10.  
H. bihai 'Five AM' 10.  
H. bihai Lite Five AM (pastel colors, new) 15.  
H. bihai 'Granada' 9.  
H. bihai 'Halloween' 8.  
H. bihai 'Manoa Sunrise' 10.    
H. bihai 'Yellow Dancer' 9.    
H. bihai x spathocir. 'CinnamonTwist' 7.   N/A
H. caribaea 'Barbados Flat' (red) 10.  
H. caribaea 'Bonnie Kline' * 12.    
H. caribaea 'Gold' (yellow) 9.  
H. caribaea 'Orange' 10.    
H. caribaea 'Piton Point' 12.  
H. caribaea 'Springfield Estates' 12.  
H. caribaea x bihai 'Hot Rio Nites' 10.   N/A
H. champneiana 'Maya Blood' 9.  
H. champneiana 'Maya Red' 12.    
H. champneiana 'Maya Sunrise' * 12.    
H. champneiana 'Splash' 9.  
H. collinsiana x bourgaeana 'Pedro Ortiz' 12.    
H. episcopalis 'Red/Yellow Spear' 7.    
H. episcopalis 'Yellow Spear' 7.  
H. hirsuta schumanniana 10.    
H. juruana 10.  
H. latispatha Rosy Cheek      
H. lingulata 'Red Tipped Fan'    
H. lingulata 'Yellow Fan' 9.  
H. orthotricha 'Edge of Nite'      
H. orthotricha 'Lemon' 8.    
H. psittacorum x spathocircinata 'Tortuga' 5.   N/A
H. x rauliniana 8.   N/A
H. richardiana (sm orange/yellow flwrs) 8.  
H. rodriguensis 9.  
H. spathocircinata 7.  
H. stricta 'Bucky' 6.  
H. stricta 'Dorado Gold' 9.    
H. stricta 'Dwarf Jamaican' 6.  
H. stricta 'Sharonii' 9.    
H. stricta 'Slash & Burn' (yellow w red rachis) 12.  
H. stricta 'Sunset I' (orange w yellow rachis) 8.    
H. subulata                         9.  
H. wagneriana 7.    

Other ERECT Heliconias:

Rhizome Price

Potted Plant


H. hybrid 'Bleeding Heart' * yellow/pink rachis 12.   N/A
H. hybrid 'Coral Surprise' * 12.   N/A
H. hybrid 'Doña Aida' * 12.   N/A
H. hybrid 'German's Luck' * 12.   N/A
H. hybrid 'Siberian Lemon' 12.   N/A
H. spp. 'Mexican Gold' 9.  
    *(VA hybrid or cultivar)      

PENDENT Heliconias:

Rhizome Price

Potted Plant


H. carmelae                       15.  
H. chartacea 'Columbine' (VA cultivar) 12.  
H. chartacea v meeana Surinam Gold (yellow) 18.  
H. chartacea 'Sexy Pink' 18.  
H. chartacea 'Sexy Scarlet' 15.  
H. collinsiana 12.  
H. curtispatha 12.  
H. juruana 15.  
H. longissima  15.  
H. magnifica 20.  
H. magnifica Bumpy Bracts 25.  
H. marginata Lutea yellow pendent 9.  
H. marginata Red 8.  
H. mariae 12.  
H. mariae x pogonantha 'Bushmaster' 20.  
H. oscuroides 15.  
H. pendula Red 12.  
H. platystachys 'Sexy Orange' 10.  
H. pogonantha var pogonantha 15. $12. (2 gal.)
H. ramonensis dk pink w white rachis 12. $10. (2 gal.)
H. regalis Barnum & Bailey wooly or/yellow 15.  
H. regalis Red wooly red/orange 15.  
H. rostrata (small flower) 6.  
H. rostrata 'Misahualli' 8.  
H. rostrata Orange 8.  
H. rostrata 'PR Libre' (new red hybrid) 15.   N/A
H. standleyi 15.  
H. vellerigera 'She Kong' 25.    
H. xanthovillosa 'Shogun' (yellow) 25.  

Ornamental GINGERS & MUSAS:

Rhizome Price

Potted Plant


Alpinia purpurata 'Rosy Dawn' 8. $8.
Alpinia purpurata 'Rosy Red' 9.  
Alpinia purpurata Madikeri White (sm white) 8. $8.  
Alpinia purpurata 'Anne Hironaka' (lg white) 8.    
Alpinia purpurata 'Jungle King' (red) 8.    
Alpinia purpurata 'Jungle Queen' (soft pink) 8.    
Alpinia purpurata 'Tahitian' (double, red) 8. $8.  
Calathea crotalifera 'Yellow Rattle' 7. $7.
Calathea loesneri 'Lotus Pink'   $8.  
Calathea lutea 'Cigar Plant' 7. $8.  
Costus comosus ("barbatus") 6. $7.
Costus lasius (small, yellow bracts) 8. $8.
Costus productus ("curvibracteatus") orange 6. $8.
Costus pulverulentus 6. $7.
Costus scaber ("spicatus") 6. $7.
Costus stenophyllus 'Bamboo Ginger"   $7.
Costus vargasii   $8.
Curcuma elata  7.    
Curcuma zedoaria  5.    
Dichorisandra thyrsiflora 'Blue Ginger' 6. (stem div.)    
Etlingera cornerii 'Siam Rose'   $8.
Etlingera elatior Creamy Stripes VA ctv 12.    
Etlingera elatior 'Dala' 12.  
Etlingera elatior 'Evita's Rose' 12.  
Etlingera elatior 'Pink Torch' 7.  
Etlingera elatior 'Red Torch' 7.  
Etlingera elatior 'Sweet Pink' 10.  
Etlingera elatior 'White Torch'  10.  
Etlingera hemisphaerica 'Black Tulip' 10.  
Etlingera hemisphaerica 'Red Artiste' 12.  
Etlingera hemisphaerica 'Tulip Torch' 10.  
Etlingera hemisphaerica 'Pink Tulip' 12.  
Etlingera maingayi 'Drumstick Ginger'  10.  
Etlingera venusta 'Malay Rose'   $8.
Hedychium coccineum 'Orange Kahili' 8.    
Hedychium gardnerianum 'Yellow Kahili' 8.  
Hedychium hybrid 'Brandie Saito' 8.   N/A
Hedychium hybrid Peach Kahili 8.   N/A
Hedychium thysiforme 'White Pincushion' 7.  
Musa laterita 'Bronze' 7.  
Musa ornata 'Pink' 7.  
Musa spp 'Leyte White' 10.  
Pleiostachya pruinosa 7.    
Tapeinochilos ananassae 'Red Wax Ginger' 8. $8.
Zingiber spectabile Shampoo Ginger 7. $7.
Zingiber spectabile 'Gold' (term. & basal flw) 10. $8.  
Zingiber spectabile 'Golden Pagoda' 10. $8.

Vivero Anones Inc., PO Box 22, Las Marías, Puerto Rico USA 00670
Ph (787) 827-3121 (evenings)

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