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Cyrtostachys renda - Lipstick Palm



Fresh seeds of some palm species may be available during the year. Check the table below for palm seed availability. Call or email us for additional information, or for availability of larger amounts of seeds.

Delivery to some parts of western Puerto Rico may be available, so please inquire. Sorry, we do not ship live palms, only seeds.

For payment, we accept cash, personal checks, Money Orders and payments through Western Union and PayPal. For further information, just call or email us.

FRESH Palm SEEDS for SALE this month:

1. Areca catechu .50 cents each plus shipping

Available POTTED Palms and Palm Seeds - March 2017:

Common Palm name:

Botanical name:

1 gal


Bangalow Palm, Palma payanesa Archontophoenix cunninghamiana    
Cabada Palm Dypsis cabadae 8.  
Coyor, palma de coyor Aiphanes aculeata 8.
Foxtail Palm, cola de zorra    Wodyetia bifurcata 9.  
Ivory Cane Palm, pinanga Pinanga kuhlii 8. *
Kepel Nut Areca catechu 8. *
Lady Palm Rhapis excelsa  
MacArthur Palm, palma MacArthur Ptychosperma macarthurii 8. *
P.R.Royal Palm, palma real de PR Roystonea borinquena    
Teddy Bear Palm, palma d peluche Neodypsis lastelliana 15./2gal  
Triangle Palm, p triangular  

Neodypsis decaryi - 1 GALLON


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