Photo Gallery: Heliconias

These tropical flowers will make beautiful flower arrangements. You can also plant them to attract hummingbirds year round! We sell rhizomes and potted plants of these magnificent plants locally at great prices. For the complete list of available heliconias, ornamental gingers, musas, calatheas, curcumas and other related plants please check our Heliconia page. To see other photos of beautiful ornamental gingers click here, or follow the link at the end of this page.

SEEDS of most of these beautiful heliconias are currently offered through our eBay Store, "Heliconia Seeds". You could also email us for the list of currently available species. We ship heliconia seeds worldwide!

If you're new to growing these tropical plants from seed, please click here to check our article: Growing Heliconias from Seed. It may help you with a few useful tips.

I. Erect Heliconias:

Helic aemygdiana Helic. angusta 'Red Christmas' or 'Holiday' Helic angusta 'Yellow Xmas' Heliconia aurea Helic. bihai 'Five AM' Heliconia bihai 'Pastel Colours'
Helic aemygdiana  angusta Red Xmas  angusta Yellow Xmas Heliconia aurea H. bihai Five AM H. bihai Pastel Colours
Helic. bihai 'Giant Lobster Claw' Heliconia bihai 'Granada' Helic. bihai 'Guapa' Helic. bihai 'Halloween' or 'Lobster Claw II' Heliconia bihai 'Lite Halloween' Helic bihai 'Manoa Sunrise'
Giant Lobster Claw Helic bihai Granada H. bihai Guapa H. bihai Halloween bihai Lite Halloween H. bihai Manoa Sunrise
Heliconia hybrid 'Bleeding Heart'  Helic. bihai x spathocircinata 'Cinnamon Twist'  Heliconia boteroi  Helic. caribaea 'Black Magic'  Helic. caribaea 'Bonnie Kline' (Vivero Anones cultivar)  Helic. caribaea 'Gold' (native of PR) 
H. hybrid Bleeding Heart H. Cinnamon Twist Heliconia boteroi H. carib Black Magic  caribaea Bonnie Kline H. caribaea Gold
Helic. caribaea 'Orange Delight'  Helic. caribaea 'St. Lucia'  Heliconia caribaea 'Springfield Estates'  Helic. caribaea x bihai 'Jackinii'  Helic. caribaea x bihai 'Kawauchi'  Helic. caribaea x bihai 'Hot Rio Nites' 
 caribaea Orange D.  caribaea St. Lucia caribaea Springfield Estates carib x bihai Jackinii carib x bihai Kawauchi Hot Rio Nites
Helic. champneiana 'Maya Blood'  Helic. champneiana 'Maya Gold'  Heliconia champneiana 'Maya Red'  Helic. champneiana 'Maya Sunrise' (Vivero Anones cultivar)  Helic. champneiana Splash  H. collinsiana x bourgeana 'Pedro Ortiz' 
champneiana Maya Blood champneiana Maya Gold champneiana Maya Red champ Maya Sunrise champneiana Splash

H. Pedro Ortiz

Heliconia episcopalis 

Helic. x flabellata

Heliconia imbricata

Helic. lingulata 'Fan'

Helic lingulata 'Red Tipped Fan'

Helic. 'Mexican Gold'

H. episcopalis

H x flabellata

Helic imbricata

H. lingulata Fan

 lingulata Red Tipped Fan

H. Mexican Gold

Helic. orthotricha 'Imperial'

Helic orthotricha 'Guadaloupe'

Helic. orthotricha Kid Pink

Helic. orthotricha 'Yellow Base'

Helic psittacorum 'Kathy'

Helic psittacorum 'Lissette'

orthotricha Imperial

orthotricha Guadaloupe

orthotricha Kid Pink

orthotricha Yellow Base

psittacorum Kathy

psittacorum Lissette

Helic. psittacorum 'Pinky'

Helic psitt x spath 'Tortuga' 

H. psittacorum x spathocircinata 'Tropica' 

Heliconia richardiana 

Heliconia rodriguensis 

Heliconia stricta 'Dorado Gold' 

psittacorum Pinky

 psitt x spath Tortuga

 psitt x spath Tropica

Helic. richardiana

Helic. rodriguensis

Helic stricta Dorado Gold

Heliconia stricta 'Slash & Burn' 

Helic stricta 'Dwarf Jamaican'

Helic. stricta 'Iris'

Helic stricta 'Valentine'

Heliconia subulata

Heliconia wagneriana

Helic stricta Slash & Burn stricta Dwarf Jamaican Helic. stricta Iris H. stricta Valentine Helic. subulata H. wagneriana
Helic. bihai 'Peachy Pink' Helic. bihai 'Purple Throat' Helic. caribaea x bihai 'Criswick' Heliconia 'German's Luck' (Vivero Anones hybrid)
H. bihai Peachy Pink H. bihai Purple Throat Helic. Criswick Helic hybrid German's Luck
Helic. caribaea 'Cream' Heliconia hirsuta var schumanniana  Heliconia lingulata Yellow Fan Helic 'Coral Surprise' (Vivero Anones hybrid)
H. caribaea Cream H. hirsuta schumanniana lingulata Yellow Fan Helic hybrid Coral Surprise
II. Pendent Heliconias:  
Heliconia carmelae Helic chartacea 'Columbine' (VA cultivar) Helic. chartacea 'Sexy Pink' Helic. chartacea 'Sexy Pink' III (Vivero Anones cultivar) Helic. chartacea 'Sexy Scarlet' Helic chartacea x platystachys 'Temptress'

  Heliconia carmelae

H.chartacea Columbine

H chartac Sexy Pink

H chartac Sexy Pink III

.chartac Sexy Scarlet

Helic x Temptress

Helic chartacea var meeana Heliconia collinsiana Heliconia curtispatha Heliconia lawrenciana 'Red Velvet' Heliconia longissima Heliconia magnifica
H. chartacea meeana Helic. collinsiana Helic. curtispatha Helic. lawrenciana Helic longissima Helic. magnifica

Helic marginata Lutea

Heliconia mariae Heliconia mutisiana Helic oscuroides Heliconia pendula Heliconia penduloides
Helic marginata Lutea Heliconia mariae Helic mutisiana Helic. oscuroides Helic pendula Helic. penduloides

Helic. platystachys 'Sexy Orange'

Helic. pogonantha var pogonantha

Heliconia ramonensis

Helic. regalis 'Barnum & Bailey'

Helic riopalenquensis

Helic. rostrata 'Misahualli'

Helic. platystachys

H pogonantha var pogo

Helic. ramonensis

 H. regalis B & Bailey

Helic. riopalenquensis

H. rostrata Misahualli

Helic rostrata Orange

Helic rostrata 'PR Libre' (Libera H)

Heliconia standleyi

Heliconia standleyi - detail

Helic. vellerigera 'She Kong'

Helic xanthovillosa 'Shogun'

H.rostrata Orange

H rostrata PR Libre

Helic. standleyi

Helic. standleyi - detail

H.vellerigera She Kong

H.xanthovillosa Shogun

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