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Available Tropical Fruit TREES
September 2016



Welcome to our Tropical Fruits page!

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We offer a good selection of tropical fruit and nut trees, mostly in 1-gallon pots. Our plants are propagated from seed of our own organically grown trees. The TABLE below shows the list of currently available trees and their prices. If you're looking for a particular species not on the list, you can always call or email us. We'll do our best to help you; we'll even provide information about other nurseries that may have it. We're sorry, but we don't offer grafted citrus, avocados or mangos. Fruits from temperate climates like apples and pears are sometimes found on local nurseries, but we deal (and encourage the planting of) tropical species only.

Trees are offered to the local market, and can be picked up at the farm. If you plan to come and get some trees, we strongly suggest you call or email us first. We can arrange visits Tuesdays through Saturdays during the morning hours. Deliveries can also be arranged for addresses on the western side of the island. We're very sorry, but we don't ship trees or live plants. We only ship seeds.

Fresh tropical fruit seeds are usually available, and these are shipped worldwide. The table also shows the different species that are producing seeds at this time of the year. For the complete list of currently available seeds and their prices, please check our "Seeds" page.

We're on Facebook! You may check our new FB page "Vivero Anones"; there we've posted new fruit photos and information. Thanks to all of those who have already "liked" us!

EN ESPAÑOL: Tenemos una buena selección de frutales tropicales exóticos y nativos para la venta. Por el momento, no estamos ofreciendo cítricos, aguacates o mangos de injerto. Tampoco vendemos frutales de zonas templadas como manzanas o peras (ni auspiciamos su cultivo en nuestra zona tropical). Los arbolitos que vendemos pueden ser recogidos en el Vivero, pero siempre es necesario hacer arreglos previos con nosotros antes de venir, ya sea por teléfono o por correo electrónico. Atendemos solamente por cita previa, de MARTES a SÁBADO, y en horas de la mañana. No enviamos material vegetivo por correo (salvo semillas). Para semillas de frutales tropicales, por favor vea nuestra página "Seeds", adonde mes por mes ofrecemos diferentes tipos de semillas frescas a precios razonables. Para mayor información, puede llamarnos en horas de la tarde, o buscarnos en FACEBOOK. Nuestra pagina "Vivero Anones" esta siendo editada regularmente con nuevas fotos e informacion. Muy agradecidos por su amable patrocinio!

 Available Trop. Fruit Trees, Shrubs & Vines - September 2016:

Local name

Botanical name

Galon size


abiu Pouteria cainito

    US $5.

achachairú Rheedia laterifolia 5.


arazá Eugenia stipitata 5.  
cabelluda Myrciaria glomerata 5.  
cacao Theobroma cacao 5.
caimito morado Chrysophyllum cainito 5.  
canistel (eggfruit) Pouteria campechiana 5.
cereza de Río Grande Eugenia aggregata 5.  
chupa-chupa   Matisia cordata  8.   
ciruelita (peanut butter fruit) Bunchosia argentea 5.  
clavo de olor (cloves) Syzygium aromaticum  6.   
cutnut Barringtonia edulis 12. (2 gal)  
fruta milagrosa (miracle fruit) Synsepalum dulcificum 5.  
guayaba fresa (Cattley guava) Psidium cattleianum 5.  
guayabilla Eugenia victoriana 5.  
jaboticaba (1gal / 2 gal) Plinia cauliflora 5./10.  
loquat Eriobrotrya japonica 5.  
mangostán (small, 4"-5") Garcinia mangostana  6.   
marang Artocarpus odoratissimus 5.
monstera - plant division Monstera deliciosa


pacó Gustavia angusta 5.  
parcha (passionfruit) Passiflora edulis 5.
pesjua morada Myrciaria vexator 5.  
pitahaya (2' plant division) Hylocereus spp.

5. (div)

pitangatuba        Eugenia neonitida


pitanguilla (dwarf pitanga) Eugenia spp 6.  
pulasan (2 trees per pot!) Nephelium mutabile   6.   
rambután (2 trees per pot!) Nephelium lappaceum


sastra, mameyito Garcinia intermedia 5.  
taparito Amphitecna latifolia 5.  
uva amazónica / uvilla Pourouma cecropiifolia 5.
vainilla (vanilla; orchid/vine) Vanilla spp (2' feet plant div.) 7. (2' div.)  
wax jambu (perita de agua) Syzygium jambos 5.  

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